~ Saturday, May 25 ~

Soul Ipsum ‘Botanicals’ Cassette


≈≈≈≈≈Aquamarine caves of light flowing forth out of lush ferns in the heart of the virtual plaza. Misty waterfalls surround you as you are transported to an out-of-body tour of the former self…≈≈≈≈≈

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~ Thursday, April 4 ~

Spazzkid ‘Desire’ Album Teaser!

Just a special taste of the Spazzkid cassette that’ll be dropping on 04/09/13!

Oh, and did we mention that Keats//Collective is collabing to release it digitally? Too rad!


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~ Monday, March 11 ~

Spazzkid ‘Desire’ Cassette and Fundraiser!

Hey friends, here to let you know about our next release, which is an extra special one! We are very proud to announce that we will be releasing the incredible new Spazzkid full-length, Desire. Not only will we be doing a hand-made, limited-edition cassette run, but we have also joined forces with the producer in efforts to raise some money for his future endeavors. Already making waves with his bright and dynamic sounds, the LA transplant, Mark Redito, furthers his array of sounds with his newest album. Whether it’s the catchiness of his emotive pop melodies or his head-bob inducing beats, this album solidifies his presence in the glowing scene of genre-bending electronics.  


This tape will be a part of the wonderful perks you can receive when you donate to his cause! All you got to do is head over to the fundraiser page, take a look around at all the limited-edition gifts you can receive, and decide how much you’d like to give. You’ll have the satisfaction of helping out one of our good friends and one of the most talented artists around right now. After the fundraising campaign is over (April 1st), the tape will be available for immediate purchase through Purr, but these are sure to go fast so hurry up and get your copy! If you still aren’t convinced, have a listen to the “Kokeshi Doll” single from the new album and prepare to get hooked!

love + purrs y’all


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~ Saturday, November 24 ~

Tours ‘Okay’ Cassette

It is with short notice, but extreme excitement, that we announce our new release with our good friend Dylan Sieh, also known as Tours. We are thrilled to be working with him again after we put out his Stay EP on cassette about a year ago. He will also be the first artist we’ve ever worked with twice, which is awesome since he was an integral part of Purr Tapes getting off the ground, bringing this whole thing full circle in just a year.

His newest collection of songs is called Okay, and after seeing digital release just yesterday with the fresh crew over at Young Latitudes, will be dropping this cassette immediately! Okay is a continuation of his unique approach to chilled-out electronic beats. 4 pulsating tracks that stand on the fringe of modern dance music while still retaining a hazy and mysterious allure. Order here now!

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~ Friday, November 9 ~

Wolfe.’s “iamwolfe.” cassette

Our next release comes to us from the fresh and talented producer Wolfe., who crafts laid-back and dreamy beat-scapes that set the perfect mood. Shiny and bright with with a dissonant simplicity that really filters through on his latest, iamwolfe.

*our first release bearing our Quilted Hands Collective insignia.*

Here’s the album standout, “Goodbye”, that really tells the tale of where this young gun is headed…

A run of 50 cassettes will drop November 16th, headed over to our merch page to snag one!

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~ Wednesday, October 31 ~


Hey guys! Happy halloween! STATIC SPECTRUM officially drops today, and there are only 3 copies left. Claim yours before it’s too late! 

WE SOLD OUT! You guys are so dang awesome! You can still get it in digital form, though-


<3 H&K

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~ Friday, September 21 ~

Patchwork Pre-Order

Patchwork's Changes cassette is here and pre-order is now up! Official release is next Friday the 28th but you can reserve your copy here. Edition of 50.

Only $5, snag one now!



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~ Tuesday, August 14 ~

Klockhaus ‘Expressions’ Cassette

Hey you guys! Hope everyone is having their greatest, warmest, chillest summer yet! We’ve been enjoying the slow vibes around here, thats for certain. After putting out our splendid Summer Comp, and taking a breather for minute, we’ve decided to get back at it and we couldn’t have a better cassette release to kick things back in gear. 

Klockhaus is the electronic brainchild of Dutch producer Han Schilder. After corresponding with him for some time, and getting his “Damage Report” track on our compilation, we couldn’t resist putting out his first release, entitled Expressions. The retro-futuristic splendor of his sound evokes a wondrous nostalgia that is undeniable. But this is not to understate the originality of his music. Although it may sound familiar, you will find that it has never been done quite like this before. You may find yourself getting lost in a vast, collapsing landscape veiled in hazy neon lights. A dystopian dream of synthetic sunsets and oceanic megalopolis…

Get yourself ready with the glowing “Goldenrod”

Expressions is out August 24th, pre-order it now for only $5. Edition of 50 red/clear cassettes.



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~ Saturday, June 30 ~

Purr Tapes Summer Compilation 2012

We first started talking about releasing a Purr Tapes compilation on cassette many months ago back in the cold Portland winter. Since then we’ve been contacting as many artists as possible, seeking out as many new sounds as we could take in, and even making connections with musicians who we’ve admired for some time. It all added up to become something quite special that far exceeded our most ambitious expectations. So it is with great honor and elation that we present to you our Summer Compilation mixtape for 2012.

21 songs from 21 artists around the globe, including tracks from Purr Tapes veterans and tracks from those we plan to work with in the future. There are b-sides, demos, one-offs, unreleased songs, newly released songs, and even songs constructed specifically for this mix. Most of the tape sticks to the electronic and lo-fi side of things, but make no mistake, this mix is filled with color and flavor. We believe it is most suitable for those hazy, humid mornings and soft summer nights ahead.


Sundrenched- ‘Ice Cream Truck’
Platyπ- ‘Beautiful Melody’
BOY MTN- ‘Abductor’
Orca Life- ‘Reels’
Winters- ‘DJ’
Klockhaus- ‘Damage Report’
White Flashes- ‘February 27, 1974’
Velvet Glacier- ‘Lost Planet (Come With Me)
Karmelloz- ‘Graveyard’
Airsports- ‘Pro Cell’
Orange Blossom Flyover- ‘Croatia (feat. Matt Billington)’


Lockbox- ‘Kelpo’
Tours- ‘Drift About’
G∞gle- ‘Hollow (feat. Coyote Clean Up & Top Girls)
Play/Talk- ‘Drifting’
Psittacines- ‘Now I Know’
Shaky Snakes- ‘Rain City Bliss Club’
Sloslylove- ‘Late Night’
Woodz- ‘Fernwehh’
MWANN- ‘Dirty Champagne’
Rors- ‘Maves (feat. Winters, Produced by PSLZY)

You can now pre-order the compilation on our releases page (and here) for just $5. All the cassettes will be pressed individually on an undetermined limited quantity basis. Layout design by Krystal which includes a hand-glossed insert.
Thank you to every single musician and artist who had anything to do with this mixtape. And a special thanks to all of you who support our label and keep us going, this is truly a dream come true! 
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~ Tuesday, June 5 ~

Psittacines ‘Daze in Lites’ EP

…and, 10! We made it. Just about 7 months in to this whole thing and we’ll have served up 10 of the finest, grooviest, rarest cassette releases out there right now. Feels good, but all thanks goes to our fans and true supporters of the music :)

Our 10th release comes to us from East-coaster Jason Pevey, who records as Psittacines (thats “Sit-uh-signs” for you noobs) out of Virginia. Trying to describe the sounds of Psittacines can be quite a task when you consider all of the different genres he seems to incorporate. Its most definitely electronic music, but hints of 80’s electro, post-rock, chillwave and glo-fi can all be found throughout most of his tracks. Not to mention a divine funkiness that keeps you listening over and over. His new EP is called Daze in Lites and it is a lively adventure that is dripping with color from start to finish. The opening track, “Neoavian”, sets the tone for the 8-track cosmic journey…

Daze in Lites is now available for pre-order on the releases page and will officially drop June 8th! Limited to 50 copies, you know the drill!



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