~ Monday, September 17 ~

Us cool cats do well in the summer but we love it when those cool breezes start to roll in and the fall is just around the way. Seasons always bring the ponderous thoughts of change and new ideas come to life in so many ways. Our second installment to our artist-generated mix series is here and it’s the perfect way to sink into Autumn. This time around we get a glimpse into the listening pleasures and divine inspirations of one of favorite musicians and friend, White Flashes.


"Ominous Cloud" - Broadcast - 2003
"Punish Me With Kisses (Robert Smith Vocal Demo)" - The Glove - 1983
"Whisper" - Martin Rev - 1985
"(Let’s Record This Toy)"
"Smoking Japanese (Sweat Mix)" - FlexE - 2004
"Catwalk" - Bobby Caldwell - 1982
"Dancer" - Spacey - 197?
"Quest" - Delia Derbyshire - 1971
"If I Was Your Girlfriend" - Prince - 1987
"Further Starry Wisdom" - The Advisory Circle - 2011
"Think Fast" - Pamela Joy - 1984
"There and Back Again" - Mara Sandybanks - 2008

On this mix we’re taken through a series psychedelic wonderlands that are as funky as they are chill. Electro-fied into smooth, warped into clear and colorful, no better soundtrack to watching the leaves change. Stream and download and share with your friends!

A big thanks to White Flashes who took the time to make this for us!

Also, any artists looking to curate a mix for us are most welcome to email us @ (PURRTAPES@GMAIL.COM)



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