~ Friday, September 7 ~


Summer is coming to an end guys, we are sorry to say. We hope that you all had the most fantastic, warmest, chillest summer yet. It’s been phenomenal on our end, but we’re ready to kick it into fall with none other than the electronic genius that is PATCHWORK.

Our good friend Garrett, who goes by PATCHWORK, pulls you in with an airy, lucid intro, before swaying you away in cosmic beats that will melt the troubles of the world away. ‘Slow Night’ is the perfect introduction to the voyage, easing you into the wonders of ‘Cigarettes’ so smoothly, taking off into the remarkable landscapes of the album. The lo-fi beats and playful synth sounds give it such an intimate feeling that is unmatched. 

The release is scheduled for September 28, with pre-orders being available September 21. Be on the look out for that, but for now, you can satisfy your craving with a little taste. Stream ‘Cigarettes’ here:

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